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Spanish classes for 3-11-year-olds

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Alhambra Spanish For Kids is a provider of Spanish for young learners (3-11 years) in nurseries, schools or after-school clubs.  We use the award winning “La Jolie Ronde method of teaching Modern Foreign Languages to children.


Alhambra Spanish teaches Spanish via La Jolie Ronde method:
  • 3/4 – 4/5 – 6/7 is an introduction to the vocabulary through rhymes, chants, songs, stories and puppets and activities suitable for this age group.
  • 7/8-year-olds moving into Primary, La Jolie Ronde method introduces, recycles and reinforces core vocabulary and the beginnings of grammar with flashcards, games, short role-plays, songs, reading, listening and copying activities.

*If you can’t make it to any of the after school classes recommend us to your school or nursery and send them the link. Click on the image! 








1. Orpington – The Walnuts  – Thursdays


Bromley College (Orpington Campus)

The Walnuts, Orpington BR6 OTE

 3-4 years book here

 5- 7 years book here



2. Holmcroft Church  – Saturday Mornings.

Holmcroft Way, Bromley BR2 8AD 

10.00am to 11.00am

 3-4 years book here

5- 7 years book here



*call for more details regarding venue

4. Speak to your school about a lunchtime club!

Book here and try a  taster session;

Your chance to win a box of Spanish fun freebies if you sign up for classes. 


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Alhambra Spanish For Kids
Sabera Ahsan
BA Hons (Spanish); PGCE; Instituto Cervantes (Young Learners); DBS
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